Unique Ways To Use Your European Plate

Our custom plate builder and specialty characters have inspired our customers to come up with unique plate designs and mounting locations. We are constantly surprised by how creative and clever our customers can be. Our License Plates are not just used on vehicle bumpers, but many customers use them as street signs, wall banners, office desk decorations, warehouse forklift signs, nameplates, and even in wedding pictures. Our plates have become a trendy way to show off your creativity. European plates are very versatile, so get creative and find a new unconventional spot for them.

Here are some examples of customers that used their plate in uncommon ways.

Watch-640 IMG_7662 Trike

We love the ideas that people come up with and encourage everyone to take photos and send them to us. If you use a European License plate in an uncommon way, feel free to tag us on Instagram with the hashtag #customeuropeanplates or tag our account @customeuropeanplates

We feature individual’s plate ideas and locations on our Instagram page so if you tag us or email us a picture, you might be featured on our account.

Go get your plates, and get creative!

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