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Obama European License Plate

This past November election time was a historical event that will be remembered throughout history.  We woke up, got dressed and took the time to place our vote for the next president of the United States of America.  What was different this time around?  Well just about everything.  People were ready for change any way they could get it.  Regardless of your opinion on who should be leading this great country, the people spoke and we have President Elect Barack Obama.  One of our customers is showing their support by putting this plate on their ride:

Funny we haven’t had any orders for a McCain or Palin plate.

Want a europlate of your own?  Check out our website.

Custom European License Plates

Displaying a European License Plate on your car is a great way to express yourself.  Because the plates are longer than the standard USA ones, you get the chance to spell out something that would not have been possible before.  The best part is you can put anything you want, we do not censor any plates that come through our website.  Go ahead, put eurodouche on your plate, we won’t be in your car when you end up dealing with that little bit of wisdom.

Need a little inspiration for your custom plate?  Check out our customer gallery.  Have an idea for a plate of your own?  Choose from the many different styles on our website.  Whatever you choose make sure you do so wisely.