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10 Ways to Use Your American European License Plates

Fourth of July is coming up and we thought we should share our 10 favorite ways to use your American European License Plate this holiday weekend.

  1. Use it to decorate your car or office for the most American holiday.

2. Use it to shield yourself from the sun when you’re at a party.

3. Use it as a fan to beat the heat.

4. Wave it as you watch fireworks to show your patriotism and block everyone else’s view.

5. Use it to serve beer and burgers to guests at your party.

6. Use it as a bat in America’s favorite pastime, baseball.

7. Reenact Washington Crossing the Delaware, but put cool American style European plates on the boat.

8. Use 2 American style European plates as water skis and be the most patriotic skier out there.

9. Use it as a passport to get back into good ol’ America.

10. Wear it as a championship belt buckle to show off that America won the Revolutionary War.