LED Car Door Projector

A LED Car Door Projector is the perfect addition to any vehicle. Each LED light projects a full color logo below the car door. Our Lights are specifically designed to be an exact fit for OEM courtesy door lights. No modifications to your car is necessary, easy plug and play installation. With a wide variety of logos available, you will absolutely find an option perfect for your vehicle.

Features & Benefits

  • High Power LED Car Door Light With Full Color Logo Projected Below Your Car
  • Plug & Play Installation – No Modifications To Your Car
  • Designed To Be An Exact Fit For OEM Courtesy Door Lights
  • Low Temperature LED Light With Solid Aluminum Heat Sink For Long Life
  • High Quality, Shock Resistant Housing
  • 2 Lights Included
  • Interchangeable Lens, additional lenses are $10.00 per set




Top 10 Reasons Why American European License Plates Are Awesome

  1. You can use them year-round if you want, no need to wait for the    4th of July to come around again!
  2. You can wear them to a parade as a necklace
  3. They look great on tractors too
  4. You can put cool American phrases on them like ‘PANTYDROPA’
  5. Tired of flimsy of paper plates?  Use our durable plates to eat your  juicy, grilled burger like a real man
  6. They keep your bumper from getting scratched when you run over a terrorist
  7. Chicks dig ‘em
  8. Al Qaeda hates them
  9. Chuck Norris has one
  10. They are ‘Merican, enough said

German License Plate with Coat of Arms

The Special Edition German License Plate with Coat of Arms has quickly become one of our most popular new plate designs.

German License Plate with Coat of Arms

The Coat Of Arms plate is decorated with the German Imperial Eagle, country flag, and a “D” to emphasize the origin of the fine automobile. Made from high quality Aluminum and embossed with your custom text, our Special Edition German license plate is the perfect accessory to add to your vehicle. Our European license plates are unmatched in authenticity, customization, and quality from any other manufacturer in the market.

Key features of our German license plate with Coat Of Arms include:

*Imperial Eagle design
*White reflective background with black plate text (or whatever     color you choose!)
*License plate dimensions are 4.4 inches (114mm) high x 20.5 inches (520mm) wide
*Maximum of 9 digits including spaces
*FREE Universal Mounting Frame
*Authentic German DIN mark stamped in the back of the plate
*Weather Resistant

Care & Maintenance of Your Plate

Here are some basic instructions for washing your custom European license plate:

  1. Remove your plate and frame from the vehicle
  2. Remove the plate from the frame
  3. Use regular dish soap and water to wash both, GENTLY.
  4. Put everything back together and re-mount it to your vehicle

Things to avoid:

  1. Car Washes (more on this below)
  2. Harsh Chemicals (409, Clorox, etc)

I’ve had a few customers complain that their plates have been damaged in car washes. Unfortunately, this is nearly unavoidable. Not only do car washes generally use recycled water (that may have sand and grit), but they often have high pressure washes of 1,000 psi! The general strategy of car washes is to post a sign “Not Responsible For Damage To Customer’s Vehicle.”  If they might cause damage to your vehicle–they will almost assuredly cause damage to your plate.

Here’s an article I found that goes into a little more detail: The Pitfalls of Using Touch-Less and Other Automatic Car Washes


Shipping Rates & Information

shp-picThe most popular questions I received this week were in regards to shipping.  Essentially, do you ship to my country? Or, how much does shipping cost?  Since most of our orders are in the United States, we have the most shipping options: Standard US Postal Service, FedEx 3-day, 2-day, and overnight.  For all other countries, we ship FedEx International Priority, which takes about a week.  I made this handy shipping rates and information table on our site.  Check it out for the complete list of places that we deliver and their associated shipping costs.

On a related note, if you are outside the US, and you order accessories (Registration Seals or License Plate Mounting Hardware), these ship separately from the plates.  The plate and accessories usually arrive within a few days on each other.

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