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Shipping Rates & Information

shp-picThe most popular questions I received this week were in regards to shipping.  Essentially, do you ship to my country? Or, how much does shipping cost?  Since most of our orders are in the United States, we have the most shipping options: Standard US Postal Service, FedEx 3-day, 2-day, and overnight.  For all other countries, we ship FedEx International Priority, which takes about a week.  I made this handy shipping rates and information table on our site.  Check it out for the complete list of places that we deliver and their associated shipping costs.

On a related note, if you are outside the US, and you order accessories (Registration Seals or License Plate Mounting Hardware), these ship separately from the plates.  The plate and accessories usually arrive within a few days on each other.

German License Plate Format

People often call wanting an authentic German License Plate, but, other than that, they are not sure what they want.  While we have plenty of stock German License Plates, you can customize your plate and retain the authentic look if you know the basic system of how Germany assigns their license plate numbers.

IN GENERAL, German License Plates  have the following basic format:


For more information about German License Plate City & Region Codes (legend-3), please visit the full article on our website.

Are your plates legal?

Are your plates legal?

I hear this question at least once a day, and I certainly understand why. A better question might be, “Does my state require a front license plate?” or “Are your plates meant for legal use?”

We’ve tried to address this in our Custom European License Plate FAQ, but I thought I’d expand on that.

In short, in no state is it legal to use as your BACK plate. In some US states, they do not require a front license plate and you can display your custom plate. I did some searching and the following list seems to be the general consensus about which states* don’t require a front license plate:

Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, West Virginia.

People also ask if it’s legal if they put their state issued plate number printed on a Euro-style plate and affix that to the front of their car. Assuming your state is not in the aforementioned list, this is still illegal. Same goes for putting your actual plate in your front dash, visor or window.

Of course, local and state laws change, and you can’t always believe what you read on the internet, so you should always check with your local Sheriff’s office to determine if it is ok to have a Custom European License Plate in your area.

That being said, we have customers all over the US as well as the world, so we know that quite a few customers choose to customize their ride, regardless of the laws.

Wiki Answers
Mr. Traffic


I try to take a look at each plate order before they go back to manufacturing.  I can keep an eye out for any customer issues or concerns, but I also love to see what our customers are coming up with.  There are often a few each day that make me laugh out loud, and I need to pick one for Plate of the Day for our Facebook page.  You can see our orders on any given day by visiting the Plate Ideas Page.

Anyway, one that caught my eye this week was KÜHL WHIP:


If you didn’t already know, a whip is another way to say steering wheel, or even a car, or in particular a Mercedes (since the Mercedes logo looks something like a steering wheel).  See the Urban Dictionary for an excellent definition.  It’s a great play on words, and turns out to be a great idea for a Custom European License Plate.

New Honey Badger Plate!

Have you heard yet about the baddest animal in all the animal kingdom, the Honey Badger? If not, check out this video and see just how crazy this little guy is:



Now you can show the road you’re no one to mess with with our new Honey Badger plate. Put this plate on  your vehicle and you’ll soon be known as the biggest badass on the highway!


Available in other color options.

Text Color Selection Available

Text color options
Choose from a Variety of plate styles with your own customized text color!

We have now added a text color selector to most of our European license plates.  For those of you that want to be even more unique than just the text, you can choose the color of the text now, and even see how it looks in our amazing plate builder!!  A few of the examples are show above, mix and match whatever plate and text combination you like best.

As usual, we are always adding new products and updating our site.  Visit us frequently to catch all the new and fun updates we bring!


Carbon Fiber European Plate!

Thanks to popular demand, we have added a Carbon Fiber European license plate.  Our carbon fiber plate is a great way to make a unique statement. The plate is made from an Aluminum blank with a special coating that looks exceptionally close to real carbon fiber. Using Aluminum blanks with this special coating allows us to emboss your text into plate to add depth and that extra custom look. In addition to the carbon fiber look, the surface of the license plate has a gloss finish, further enhancing the look of the carbon weave.  The text on the plate can be customized to be either Black, Red, White, Silver, or Gold.

Check out our up-close sample of our Carbon Fiber plate!

Carbon Fiber Plate
Full view of the Carbon Fiber European Plate
Carbon Fiber European License Plate
High Quality Carbon Fiber look, with a high gloss finish

Check out the Carbon Fiber plate builder at this link: