Own A Piece Of Royal Wedding History (Sort Of)

Royal Wedding License Plate Photo
CustomEuropeanPlates.com version of the British royal wedding license plate on William's and Kate's Aston Martin

OK – we admit that the hype and fanfare around the British royal wedding has been pretty excessive and that this is just adding fuel to the fire but we threw caution to the wind.  I can hardly wait to see the choice comments we get. This is not an exact replica but our version of the royal license plate you see plastered all over the media. The real plate is made out of plastic and uses a UK font. The text is ‘printed on’ so the plate is flat – kinda lame :). Our version is made from an Aluminum blank and the text is embossed into the metal using our standard font. An image of the William’s and Catherine’s license plate is below for reference. We like to think that they would have been much happier with ours but we didn’t get a call (maybe the next royal wedding). Basically manufactured using the same method we use to make all of our plates.

The plate was on the back of William’s and Kate’s Aston Martin Volante.  If you are a commoner, you can put this on your vehicle of choice but we will look down on you.  Currently my Aston Martin is in the shop but I will be sure to let you know when it is out.

By the way, if you would like to place an order our manufacturing team is working to get the materials together and we expect to have these next week (week of May 1).  Obviously the buzz over the wedding will putter out quickly so we are making a limited number of these plates.

We realize that some of you royal wedding purists may scoff at this but we can’t make everyone happy. Here are the basics for the rest of you that would like to throw some gas on the fire.

  • Made In Germany using the same methods as actual German license plates (Germany is sort of close to the UK)
  • Yellow reflective background with black, embossed text
  • The blue left side is a high quality reflective decal
  • Dimensions are 4.4 inches by 20.5 inches
  • Includes our Black Universal Mounting Frame – FREE
  • Weather Resistant – Made stand up to the elements…maybe even until the next royal wedding
  • Balloons NOT included
Royal's Weak Plastic Plate

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